How to lubricate a treadmill (Guide) 2021

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Of all home gym equipment, a treadmill needs more maintenance and usual sustenance. All this is probably because of its build. While you stroll or jog on the above angle of the product’s broad belt, the bottom continually generates friction against areas such as the engine, the wheels, and many more. Thus, lubrication is crucial to ensure a steady workout.

Lubrication will assist you in maintaining the treadmill in prime condition and curtail required improvements as time passes. In addition to explaining how to lubricate a treadmill, we also suggest you lubricate your device once every three months, adopting one ounce of lubrication in each process.

How to Lubricate a Treadmill

  • Switch off the device’s power and remove any plug located in the electricity portal.
  • Commencing from the front (engine side) of your device, slip your arm below the sash generating barrier between the layer and belt.
  • Slip the lubrication tube as near to the middle product’s layer as probable.
  • While mildly putting restrained weight to the compression container, gradually shift the layering against the middle towards the end of a treadmill sash. Put roughly one and a half oz (one by eight amount of container) to the strap’s bottom.
  • Rehearse points one to three on the contrary belt’s wall.
  • Connect the device, turn it on, and operate the product for three to five minutes to evenly scatter its lubricant.

We suggest that you scrub the equipment evenly after every usage to keep the product neat. A soft detergent can get employed at different periods to help reduce all dust and smell among the sash, colored portions, and the monitoring system.

how to lubricate a treadmill

Alternative Step

Grab the treadmill sash off from the deck with one arm and with the other arm, inject the silicone moisture nozzle below the strap, and sprinkle the product tower sticking trap’s middle area. Observe this method by spraying up and down both angles of the connected strap, putting a total of one oz (two-oz when adding a new product sash) of hundred percent silicone grease.

Next, tighten the strap by the arm 1/2 an intersection so that you catch the amount of the connected belt that got not greased, then rehearse the product’s greasing method. When finished, operate the device for roughly three minutes at three mph, dispersing the silicone throughout the connected strap and layer.

Remember This

When greasing the device’s strap, be clear that the product gets positioned on an area that can get handily dried. After the lubrication, dry any surplus silicone sticking on the belt and rack.


We hope this guide will help you proceed with how to lubricate a treadmill cautiously and has cleared any doubts that might hover in your mind. Of course, maintaining a treadmill can never be defined as an easy process, but the points we have jotted above got written in a very authenticated manner. So there’s no need to fret if you follow them carefully. However, the first step is to know how to use a treadmill.


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